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The American Global Institute is an official, exclusive American secondary school affiliate with Whitmore School

We have joined forces with Whitmore School to offer students around the world the opportunity to earn an ACCREDITED AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA. This program is accredited by COGNIA, the most prestigious accreditation in American Education. 

Come study with us to take your future to amazing heights!

American Global Institute and Whitmore School will enable our students to apply and attend Universities in the United States, Canada, the U.K., Europe, Australia/ New Zealand, Japan, Singapore or around the world, wherever your dreams may lead!

At the AGI we provide a variety of educational tutoring programs and solutions. Each program is expertly designed and professionally delivered to meet the needs and achieve the goals of our students and parent partners.
Our programs follow the Whitmore School curriculum, which delivers our students an American high school Diploma and prepares them for ACCEPTANCE to Universities in the United States and around the world.
Academic Assistance:
Our mission is to aid the successful graduation of all of our students. We strive to accomplish this via our professional academic assistance team that tutors, advises, and assists each student in their studies. 
Accredited School Platform:
Our American secondary school program via our partnership with Whitmore School is designed to elevate our students knowledge, study skills, aptitude, and test taking ability so that we can ensure that every student who joins the American Global Institute  is on track for university and career readiness!

Core Subjects
from Whitmore School

Social Studies

from Whitmore School

World Languages

Spanish 1, 2 & 3

Computer Science

Computer science WEB DESIGN and APPLICATIONS

Fine Arts
Art History
Creative Arts
Performing Arts
Creative Writing
Digital Photography
Music Appreciation
Other Electives
English Language Lab
Research/ Writing
SAT Test Prep
College Readiness
Career Readiness
Independent Study
Life Skills
Work Ethics w/ Work Experience
Pre Composition
Test Prep CP
Career Planning
Community Service
Stress Management
Physical Education
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