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ECO GLOBAL ACADEMYでは、チューター/コーチの指導を通じて、各生徒に最高品質の教育支援を提供することを目指しています。私たちの家庭教師は、最先端の教授法を利用して、利用可能な最高のCommon CoreAmericanカリキュラムと21世紀のテクノロジーを組み合わせています。私たちの学生は、創造性、批判的思考、およびコラボレーションを促進する、安全で平和で前向きな学習環境に没頭しています。



Sincerely Yours written in cursive handwriting

Fritzie Sandoval、創設者/ディレクター




Picture of the Director of Education


Fritzie Sandoval is a veteran educator with over 15 years of deep experience as a classroom teacher, school leader, and education entrepreneur. Her journey is driven by a passion for fostering success in children and adult learners. Years of education and experience have honed her skills and knowledge in creating dynamic learning environments that inspire growth and achievement. She ensures that she stays at the forefront of cutting-edge educational practices and is always ready to adapt to the evolving needs of the learners. Her commitment extends beyond traditional educational settings, and she believes every child deserves a chance to get a high-quality education. Ms. Fritzie strives to create inclusive spaces for diverse learners to thrive and flourish. She has served as a mathematics and science teacher, curriculum coordinator, head teacher, and school leader as the Director of Studies at an international school in Thailand. 

The next evolution in her career came in the founding of Academics Global Institute. As an academic leader, she has the privilege of being a coach and mentor guided by a vision of excellence. She infuses this into AGI through the comprehensive educational offerings. From academic tutoring to the American high school diploma program, test preparation, and culminating in the best university admissions consulting service in SE Asia. Her mission is shaping educational programs, fostering a positive culture within the learning environment, and bringing an individualized educational experience to every learner.

Ms. Fritzie holds a Bachelor's degree in Engineering from the #1 ranked university in the Philippines and a Master's degree in Education from a top ten ranked American university.

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