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Dear Students, Family Members, and the Community,

At Academics Global Institutewe aim to provide the highest quality of educational assistance and enhancement to each of our students. We achieve this through the expert design of our programs and the guidance of our academic consultants. We utilize cutting edge teaching methods to combine the best American and International curriculum available. With the addition of 21st century technology and STEM courses, our students are immersed in an advanced, innovative, and positive learning environment. Click here for details. This encourages creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.

Our University Advising Team is here to guide you in the process of getting into your dream school! We offer a start to finish program for students looking to study in America, the U.K.Australia, New Zealand, CanadaSingapore, and other top universities around the world. Click here for more details. Our services include university selection, application guidance, essay writing/ editing, locating internships, and scholarships. We assist in navigating the deadlines, requirements, and presentation to complete your applications and get you the results you desire. We also take it a step further and offer assistance and support for your first year of university. It's a big transition and we are here to maximize your academic and personal success!

We also offer our students access and instruction to a fully accredited American High School Diploma Program. The school is located in The United States and has a track record of sending students to top universities. We facilitate the program with one on one course coaching, tutoring, and academic support. Click here for details. This diploma program is comprehensive, well regarded and prepares our students for the process of matriculation to the university level.

We respect the individuality of each learner. We also value support and participation of the parents/guardians. Team work between tutors and parents/guardians is essential in educating learners, as this creates the support system that optimizes learning experiences. Our mission is to make our students not only excel academically, but also to become positive members of the community. We instill knowledge and social responsibility so our students may go into the world independently and make a positive impact.

We are excited to meet you, get to know you, and work with you to achieve the academic success you strive to achieve.

Sincerely Yours written in cursive handwriting

Fritzie Sandoval,

Director of Education


Picture of the Director of Education

Ms. Fritzie

Director of Education

Fritzie Sandoval is a veteran educator with over 15 years of deep experience as a classroom teacher, school leader, and education entrepreneur. Her journey is driven by a passion for fostering success in children and adult learners. Years of education and experience have honed her skills and knowledge in creating dynamic learning environments that inspire growth and achievement. She ensures that she stays at the forefront of cutting-edge educational practices and is always ready to adapt to the evolving needs of the learners. Her commitment extends beyond traditional educational settings, and she believes every child deserves a chance to get a high-quality education. Ms. Fritzie strives to create inclusive spaces for diverse learners to thrive and flourish. She has served as a mathematics and science teacher, curriculum coordinator, head teacher, and school leader as the Director of Studies at an international school in Thailand. 

The next evolution in her career came in the founding of Academics Global Institute. As an academic leader, she has the privilege of being a coach and mentor guided by a vision of excellence. She infuses this into AGI through the comprehensive educational offerings. From academic tutoring to the American high school diploma program, test preparation, and culminating in the best university admissions consulting service in SE Asia. Her mission is shaping educational programs, fostering a positive culture within the learning environment, and bringing an individualized educational experience to every learner.

Ms. Fritzie holds a Bachelor's degree in Engineering from the #1 ranked university in the Philippines and a Master's degree in Education from a top ten ranked American university.

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