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Admissions Consultant
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Academics Global Institute offers a comprehensive advisory service that will clarify, enhance, and fast track the progress of your university admissions goals. Our program is professionally designed, thoughtfully coordinated, and delivered with care to contribute to the needs of our students and families. We will guide you through each step from start to finish to ensure your greatest success and strive to the outcome of acceptance to the university of your future!  

University Admission

Tutoring & Test Prep

ESL Testing

Do you want to attend university in the United States, Canada, Australia/ NZ, Europe, or Singapore?


We conduct comprehensive preparation & planning to help you attain  admission to the school of your choice. From start to finish, we are there with you through the entire process.

We will guide you toward acceptance into the best university that is most compatible with your goals!

We will guide you toward achieving the highest academic grades in your classes and maximizing the scores you can achieve on university entrance exams!


Our Academic Assistance Offerings are as follows

Academic Studies: All subjects

American High School Diploma

AP Exam Prep


IB      SAT


Our Program also includes multiple practice exams conducted under the same conditions and time frames as the real exams!

Do you need a little assistance with an English as a Second Language exam?


Our ESL tutoring for secondary students is perfect for when you are working toward university admission. We focus on assisting you to get the max scores that you can on these tests.



Essay Writing

Introduction Video


 From start to finish, we are there with you through the entire process!

Extracurricular Activities

At Academics Global we encourage endeavors outside the traditional classroom!


These activities also greatly enhance a students university application. We will assist you to frame these activities in a way to that show your special qualities and enhance your candidacy.

Essay Writing Assistance and Editing

Essay writing is paramount in college admissions process. The essays are a chance for the student to show the admissions committee who they are as a person and how their individual traits can be a good addition to the university.


The development of the Admissions Essay is pivotal to the application process.

Our writing experts will advise you on topics, content, and edits that will help you make your best impression and get accepted.

Summer Internships 
& Programs

Summer Programs are a very important aspect of your academic studies and also enhance your college application.

When you complete a summer program you will show a balance of learning, exploring, and academic curiosity.

We can guide towards the programs that best fit your goals and most enhance your college application so you get accepted to the school of your dreams. 

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